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OUTSOURCING (CAMBODIA) Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as "Company"), is a temporary staffing, recruitment, and management outsourcing business. We are engaged in the business of contracting.
Our personal information entrusted to us by business partners and customers, people of individuals and our employees for business activities and social contribution of mission accomplished, are explained this Privacy Policy regarding the handling, strict management as laid out below.

With regard to the handling of personal information

As part of its personal information protection efforts, the handling of personal information, and the matters to be published will be posted as follows.

Personal information on this site is performed on a managed and operated in accordance with the following policies, if information was entered, please understand that it is treated as having agreed to this privacy policy.

1. The purpose of the information collection

Information related to employment, career change is through the provision, mail, etc. This will be used on web sites to provide efficient referral service for those overseas affiliates that desire employment and job change through the human resources service that offers to make a provision to the purpose of information collection.

2. Use of information

Personal information that has been input to disclosure of personal information to third parties but will be included in this web site are interoperate with each overseas affiliates, including the jobs positions of companies are not disclosed without the consent of the registrant your identity.

3. Risk management to information

We take appropriate measure to prevent tampering and leakage due to unauthorized access to personal information, personal information loss, and destruction.

4. Laws and regulations related to personal information

Each overseas affiliates of the Group we will comply with laws and regulations and other norms regarding personal information protection in each country where it will do its business activities.

5. The review of policy

We will continue to regularly review and improve this policy in order to ensure thorough utilization, etc. with the appropriate protection of personal information.

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